Conference on internet, the economy and society in 2027
Join us on 28 and 29 June 2017 

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Access Elite Opportunities in the Cryptocurrency World with Net Futures Conference

  • Learn from Renowned Blockchain Professionals
  • Discover New Technology and Revolutionary Innovation
  • Get Exclusive Access to Exciting Opportunities.

Net Futures Conference is one of the most recognised blockchain events for cryptocurrency experts, investors, and intending players in the space. Like the world’s popular crypto events you might know, Net Futures Conference houses hundreds of the most innovative blockchain companies and thousands of participants to discuss potential improvements in the industry. That’s not all. The highly-notable event is home to many famous names in the cryptocurrency industry.

Our History

Net Futures Conference has been playing host to high-level crypto enthusiasts and influencers for a long time. Initially, the conference started as a way to increase global adoption and educate new crypto participants. In an unexpected turn of events, the conference attracted some top thought leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Year after year, the theme has evolved as more inventive work emerges.

Our Mission

Net Futures Conference offers the platform for individuals and organisations to learn about the evolution of the blockchain industry, new updates, and the future of cryptocurrencies. The conferences also allow individuals and organisations to pitch their breathtaking ideas to potential investors. As you know, the internet has revolutionised how the world works, and with the advancement of blockchain technology, boundaries are broken, and fortunes are changing for good. At the event, members and shareholders can meet and rub minds with top policymakers, delegates, and the world’s top cryptocurrency influencers.

Exciting Experience with Net Futures Conference

Many people look to join founders, digital innovators, and the people paving the path for excellent financial revolution in the same room but don’t get the chance. Fortunately, Net Futures Conference opens the trail for this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

As a participant in the event, you have the opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the activities of leading crypto institutions and regulators. To drive further the future of cryptocurrencies, Net Futures Conferences engages reputable blockchain experts in speaking sessions. Participants also get to contribute to discussions and share ideas on the future of the digitised world. If you are wondering what to expect, have a look at these.

  • Network with the some of the competent hands in the blockchain industry
  • First-hand experience with new blockchain innovations and cryptocurrency projects
  • Access exclusive market information and high-class crypto brokerage offers.

Why Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

The reasons are as clear as daybreak. Over the past few years, blockchain has been on top of driving a revolution in technology. As for cryptocurrencies, there is no doubt that they are here to stay. Traditional institutions are scared that these tokens might put them out of business. Apart from that, people from almost every continent have seen the light.

Coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana have proven to be better investments than the ones offered by banks. In recent times, governments have reduced the clampdown on the crypto industry and are acquiring some tokens themselves. Cross-border payments and financial inclusion have become a regular activity in countries worldwide because of these incredible innovations.

Ready? Then, join thousands of participants at the next Net Futures Conference. Don’t miss it.

Internet, the economy and society in 2027

We are going through a technological revolution that will fundamentally change the way we live, work, and relate to one another. This transformation led by Internet, its scale, scope, and complexity, will be unlike anything humans have experienced before. We do not know where exactly this 'internetisation' will lead us to: What will our society look like in 2027?

However one thing we know: People simply expect a lot more from the Internet, in terms of quality and reach, in terms of security and privacy, an Internet that is inclusive and supports openness, diversity and responds to the needs of the individuals.

We feel that not all European policy actors share this sense of urgency for action. However it is imperative to address these challenges or Europe's voice on the future of the Internet will disappear.

The NET FUTURES edition in 2017 will serve as a wake-up call for policy makers and technologist alike, for civil society and the young whose future we will influence. It will be the place for deep-dive conversations and learnings right at a time when Europe is at the brink of entering the next industrial revolution: The Net.

Our Partners

Programme Schedule

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12H 30

Registration and networking lunch

14H 00

Opening session

15H 00

Networking break

15H 30

Parallel sessions

17H 30

Reception & STARTS initiative - Artists in Innovation Projects


Coffee & networking


2027 economy: inspirational speeches


Networking break


Parallel sessions


Closing session


Post-conference events

STARTS Exhibition

STARTS Exhibition
(curated by Martine-Nicole Rojina) 

During the two days of Net Futures 2017 we create an immersive and constantly changing exhibition about the present state and the future of artistic and tech cooperation.

The exhibition will highlight the fashion-tech collaboration between Martine-Nicole Rojina and Jasna Rok, the first Belgian FashTech design studio.

"The Futures of Works" showcases the result of the Transmedia Design course held by Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico at ISIA Florence, in collaboration with Nefula - Near Future Design Studio: a series of design fiction under the form of immersive video and "pretotypes" to expolore the transformation of work.

A quadrophonic soundscape presents inner thought monologues of future beings written by Prof. Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh, chair on philosophy at the University of Vienna.

Two immersive live performances, Body Quake (Art Is Open Source, Francesca Fini, Neuromed, AVNode) and All_Che_Me(Martine-Nicole Rojina, Marcello Giannandrea, Francesco Cigana, Federico Bragetti, Guida Inês Maurício, José Andrés Cordova Alvear, Jasna Rokegem) feature the powerful synergy of science, technology and art.

Salvatore Iaconesi | What happened when I open-sourced my brain cancer | TED talk
Martine-Nicole Rojina | Why waves make sense to me | immersive TEDxGhent talk
Jasna Rok | Fashion as an interface to the digital dimensions | Fashion Tech Berlin talk