Data Protection: Brave new world of data

The European ScaleUp Manifesto pointedly addresses the issue: it is no longer correct to distinguish between the Internet economy and the real economy; the entire economy is digital. And this has a special meaning and implication for one especially important economic input: data. All modern businesses use and run off of data. 

Obviously, this brave new world needs one important thing: a data-policy framework that allows businesses to exchange the information they need, to focus on delivering the core value they add and to scale up internationally when the moment arrives. And here – despite the best intentions of many – European policies have become unusually unworkable, even chaotic.

This session wishes to bring together experts from the different fields to discuss and co-design a strategy moving forward. Designing tangible next steps to move into a networked and more fluid economy, where exchange of data will be key, is desirable.


Irene Lopez de Vallejo

Director of Collaborative Research, Regional and International Development at Digital Catapult, London

I have devoted the last 20 years to multidisciplinary applied technology research, in robotics, high-value manufacturing and the Internet of Things. With a background in sociology and architecture, my long-standing passion is to understand the complex relationships underlying society, technology and continuously evolving physical and digital environments. I am at the moment driving the Digital Catapult’s regional and international R&D strategy. The Catapult is an UK organisation, and RTO (Research and Technology Organisation) dedicated to applied research around large-scale digital challenges that are too complex, financially risky or will take too long for market forces alone to deliver
I thoroughly enjoy networking, finding unique people and ideas and bring them together to solving challenges posed by multi-party, multi-country collaborations.
You can find me @ILdeV always #doingseriousfun for life is too short not to!


Inria - Director of research, Advisor to the CEO of Inria in Big Data, Head of TransAlgo, member of BDVA Board of Dorectors

Director of Research at Inria, Advisor to the Chairman & CEO of Inria in Big Data, Project Leader of TransAlgo French scientific platform for algorithmic systems transparency and accountability and from June 2017 Director of Convergence Institute on Data Intelligence, Value & Ethics. Nozha Boujemaa is member of the Board of Directors of BDVA. She is International Advisor for the national Japanese research program (JST) CREST/PRESTO "Core Technologies for Big Data Integration" (2016 – present), Member of the Board of Data Transparency Lab (DTL). Nozha Boujemaa was Director of Inria Saclay Research Center (2010 – 2015) including 30 research groups (500 people) and Head of IMEDIA Inria/Research Group (1999-2010). Her domains of expertise include Machine Learning, Unsupervised & Semi-supervised Learning, Large-scale Multimedia Retrieval, Content Search, Personalization, Pattern and Object Recognition. She authored more than 150 scientific publications and supervised more than 25 PhDs.